Following the same pattern as the earlier parts of the trilogy, it was hoped that there will be an exhibition of the final project during the course of 2019/20.   And, like its predecessors, it was originally envisaged that such an exhibition of Londoners at Home: The Way We Live Now might be mounted in the Crypt Gallery at St Martin-in-the-Fields;  alas, untoward events have unfortunately intervened.  Following a major review of the church’s policy with regard to not-for-profit activity and the overriding need to generate income to sustain its extensive and vital charity work, all non-profit-making undertakings have been suspended for the time being;  this means that Part III of the London Trilogy can no longer be exhibited there.  Sadly, I am therefore obliged to look for an alternative venue.

The two previous exhibitions were seen by thousands of people and both generated a great deal of interest and, indeed, some polemics.   A similar reception is expected for the concluding exhibition of Part III of the Trilogy which, through sixty-four examples, illuminates aspects of the manifold lives of ‘Londoners at home’.

Ideally, the venue should be free, open to the general public, accessible to those with disabilities, and equally welcoming to Londoners and visitors to the capital.

If anyone knows of a space that might be suitable for hosting such a non-commercial exhibition, please let me know.  Thank you !

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Page modified:  5th September 2019