Both preceding projects have been published in book form, with copies lodged, for posterity, in the British Library and the UK’s other ‘copyright libraries’.   As it has not proved possible to secure a commercial publisher for Londoners at Home: The Way We Live Now, it has been agreed that the concluding component of Milan’s ‘London Trilogy’ should be published by the photographer himself, with copies made available for purchase, at cost price, by sitters and any other interested parties.

As per plan, by the end of June 2019, we have undertaken the final edit of the text, completed the page-makeup, and ordered the printing of the 'test book' in Germany.   We expect to receive this back during the month of July.   If all is well, you should be able to order a copy shortly after that.

Because this is a large-format (A4) 348-page, limited edition, hardback book, printed in full colour, and because the print-run is small, we expect the cost price will be in the region of 120 Euro (ie around £100, including UK postage and packing).   This price involves no mark-up whatsoever.   In view of the high cost of the hardback, we also hope to produce a digital version (an eBook) later in the year;  this will will be considerably cheaper.

Detailed information about ordering your copy will be published here as soon we receive and approve the 'test book' from Germany.    

Please visit this page at a later date for further information,  Thank you.

Page modified: 29th June 2019